Portland Radio Project

Cynthia Orlando    August 20, 2014

If you’re in the market for new music that’s both folksy and can kick up some excitement, consider “Animal Dreams” by Seattle-based Americana artist Kate Lynne Logan.

“Animal Dreams” opens mightily with “90 Proof,” a sultry, haunting, compelling composition by this promising artist. It’s a powerful arrangement with Logan on acoustic guitar, some serious banjo, great sizzling lead guitar, and through it all, Logan’s distinctive, smooth-as-silk vocals.

Her beautifully melancholic “Whiskey Sea” is made of similar fabric. It’s filled with great vocals and piano touches, quiet longing and expertly-played pedal steel you’re sure to love. Bravo. Songs like “Little White Truck” show Logan’s diverse styles and could fit easily into a Top 40 Country Western playlist – but Americana is probably the best genre to describe her acoustic “Heaven’s Door,” or the raucous “Ghost Town,” a fine synthesis of banjo, strong vocals, reflective storytelling and great drumming.

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Guerrilla Candy

Jason Tang    January 02, 2014

Earlier this morning, Seattle singer-songwriter Kate Lynne Logan released the music video to her newest single “Whiskey Sea” (directed and produced by yours truly) to coincide with an Indiegogo campaign to fund her album, “Animal Dreams.”

It was a song written in November 2012 and one which really stood out from the couple hundred ideas she penned for this new album.  Though it was written with a person in mind, the song has a dual meaning, says Kate Lynne.

“It’s not just about losing someone else, it’s about losing yourself.  It’s about losing a dream, realizing time is passing you by and you’re not who you wanted to be.”

Her honest and compassionate songwriting has won over many crowds across the country, where she has performed with artists such as Peter Bradley Adams, Josh Garrels, Ian McFeron, Star Anna, Sera Cahoone, and her idol, Brandi Carlile.

The sky’s the limit for Kate Lynne and she’s definitely an artist to watch out for in 2014.

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