silent in the upstairs

dark in the rooms

long neck bottles on the  floor

rain on the roof

i know i shouldn't stay inside another night

but i've got you on my mind


i'm a shell of who i used to be

it's been a hell of a ride to the edge of me

i've been drifting on your memory

sailing away on a whiskey sea


struggling with the simple things

the tv is always on

a stack of last week's dishes

still sitting in the sink

dirty clothes still in the wash

i know i should do my best to get to sleep tonight

but i've got you on my mind




been a long time wandering

been a long time weary

spending my whole life waiting

to hear those angels clearly

been a long time coming

been a long time gone

letting my heart lead me home

by the sound of the spiritual song

can you hear that sweet sound

rising with the river and the rain?

carry me home now, 

in the arms of the angels and the saints

i'll be letting that sweet song

carry my worries away

oh like the river

the river and the rain


done a lot of things wrong

don't a few things right

had my fair share of heartache

fair share of sleepless nights

spent a few years angry

spent a few years lost

spent a few years learning

pride ain't worth what it costs




you're like whiskey on my lips

oh you burn me with a kiss

you can't steal my heart like this

oh whiskey love


oh oh oh oh oh whiskey love

i can't get enough of that sweet burn, sweet burn

whiskey love


oh your loving comes on strong

i can't break free from your arms

never could stop at just one

oh whiskey love




standing on my front porch steps

don't you let me go just yet

need another little kiss goodnight

when mama and daddy turn out the lights

come around and pick me up 

in your little white pick up truck, darlin

pull up slow, headlights out

sitting quiet in the dark just waiting for the sound

of the engine running at the end of the drive

adrenaline rushing tip i make it outside

gotta make a quick getaway  0 don't look back

pick it up, darling, step on the gas


in the back of a pick up truck

you and i falling in love

the wind in the wheat fields

wind in the wheat fields

sweet nights in june

holding each other by the light of the moon

we'll be burning so bright

oh oh oh in the back of a pick up truck


put the pedal to the metal til the meter reads red

dust in the mirror, dirt on the tread

stop in the middle of a washed out road

stare at the stars and lie real close

2 AM the 2 of us in the back of your pick up truck




i know the road that we can't ever walk again

all of the sweetest moments

along the path of your eyes and your hands

the lines that you trace so tenderly across my face

you know the secret way to my hiding place

when the stars come out, you know which one to follow


i try so hard to let you go

but you are the moon, and i am the ocean

always reaching for your glow


the novel you gave me on my birthday

stays in a box of letters -

an autographed copy of 'house keeping'

i know you love her

if i'd read between the lines, 

i'd have known you wanted to be mine

if you'd listen carefully, 

you'd know you had the best of me

all those broken hearted love songs were for you





sometimes anger is wild love, smothered to ash and smoke -

the reason for heated exchanges every time we spoke

did we have a chance at a garden of eden?

guess we'll never know, 

focused on the thorn and not the rose 




it's half past 1:00 and I'm fighting back the years

telling old john jameson my troubles and my fears

oh but old man JJ has trouble with his ears

oh oh oh oh oh


oh i still ride all the old trails in my head

still doing things the way i always did

carving deeper, wider riverbeds

oh oh oh oh oh


i'm just a lost soul in a ghost town

a lonesome spirit when the sun goes down

died of the fever of broken hearted believers

ain't nobody live in these parts now


every day i've a chance at starting over

the only start i've had is the mirror getting older

i'm only getting more rounded at the shoulders

oh oh oh oh oh


my only change is spending my last dime

the pain you feel will remind you you're alive

spend your time running

but you're running out of time

oh oh oh oh oh




it's late and i should go

my defenses and the lights are low

everyone else has long gone home

no on else around to quiet the sound of our desperate hearts

so you cross your arms tight against your chest

tight agains the cold and dark and the question marks


there's a rush at the edge of the unknown

will you take me home

will you take me home


slow dancing again

a wistful waltz between lovers and friends

love's marionettes

slow dancing again


resistance goes to sleep

while we linger in secrets we keep

i should just go home

my eyes on your mouth

if i don't leave now, we can't turn around

so we talk small

afraid to fall again

afraid but leaning in

let the dance begin





so you make a move

start the dance

one step forward

one step back




my heart is a canvas

your memory, van gogh

you're painting a city of madness in me

and i'm losing control

you make me so angry

i'm not over it, no i'm not done

everything you say still drives me crazy

it's obvious i'm still in love


i try to keep my sanity - she's a runaway

she roams the streets, won't answer me

when i call her name

you're the only one

you're the only one who can bring me home


leathered grief grips me

i'm a locket she holds

i keep my heart shaped memories

and all my past regrets in gold

you make me so angry

i'm not over it, no i'm not done

everything you say still drives me crazy

it's obvious i'm still in love



i'm living in another life when i close my eyes

when the lights go down in the city

dreaming leaves me in a cold, cold sweat

nights i held you that i can't forget

when the lights go down in the city




when i see a picture of you

it spins my heart and soul

the memories like galaxies

in their soft midnight glow

i have made a thousand wishes

on a single shooting star

what a sight, that light

before it sinks beneath the dark


when i feel like i'm riding rapids in the dark

i'm a passenger in a reckless car

when my shoes are made of stone

and i can't outrun my fear

i remember when you were in love with me

for all those years


i'll keep you in my heart, my love

like fabled buried gold

the way to you will stay with me

until i'm worn and old

i was afraid to say those sweet words

though i knew then what it was

when 2 friends

fell so deeply, sweetly in love





my dark haired darling

the oasis in your eyes

is a dream in the desert

springing up from forever

oh i'll keep you in my heart

oh my sweet dark haired darling




heart burning like a freight train

oh the wheels they never stop

if i could slow the picture down

i'd hold you like a dream


there's a light inside your eyes

captivates me, devastates me

there's a darkness deep inside

that defines me, confines me

you're my moon, 

you're my stars

when i'm lying in your arms


i'd wait 10,000 years for you

i'd wait 10,000 more

and if i die before you do

i'll be waiting at heaven's door


3:30 in the morning

and i'm staring at the clock

if i can close my eyes now

there's still 3 hours before the dawn




been in love with you, baby, since i met you

can't forget you, can't forget you

i've been working up the courage to tell you

to tell you -


that i know that love it ain't always sweet

there are things in life that bring you to your knees

what i feel inside my heart 

is anchored deep

so hold on - love is strong


i can't promise everything will turn out alright

don't know that outright, don't know that outright

but i promise i will always stand by your side

by your side




spent a lot of knights

beneath the pale street lights

no radio, just the sound of the rain

just sitting in my car

driving circles in the dark

and waiting, waiting for the dawn


but i'm not going home this time

got my eyes fixed on that horizon line

i'm gonna keep driving


spent most of my life

living in a strange light

don't know if it's sunset or sunrise

and in my dreams, i'm lost at home

drifting down the back, the back roads





where i'm going is lost on me

but i'm gonna keep driving




why you gotta make me cry?

all i did was try, try, try to make you happy

it don't seem right

no, it don't seem right

after all this time  - to leave me standing


goodbye, baby, goodbye


love was strong when we were young

wild as a hurricane, 

then sot as a summer breeze

somewhere high on that dusty road

when the trail got rough, 

felt your hand letting go


goodbye, baby, goodbye

won't waste your sweet time anymore

goodbye, baby, goodbye




could have saved a lot of time

if i'd walked a straighter line

i was running blind

with nowhere to go

i'm so tired of hearing my pride 

telling me i got to be strong

when i know it's so goddamned wrong

to watch you walk away


when i know what i should say

all that i should say

to make it right

to make it right

i know what i should say

all that i should say

to make it right

to make it right

all that i should say


i'm just as weary of saying i'm sorry

as you are of hearing the same old sad story

i'm tired - tired of being wrong




in my dreams i'm with my father

we are kneeling in a chapel, faces veiled

and i seen the ghost of jesus

he said he finally found an answer to my prayers

hallelu- hallelu-hallelujah


a young girl squanders silver

staring down into the well of broken hearts

spends a fortune casting wishes

finding light is not the silver but the stars



when there is not a tongue to tell the sorrow i have known

the sorrow i have known

the music leads me home


in my visions there are flightless angels weeping

tell me, where do i belong

when i cannot find the strength to lay me down

before that holy golden throne


when there is not a tongue to tell the sorrow i have known

the sorrow i have known - the music leads me home




tired of the war tonight

put myself through hell over what's right

i haven't been sleeping that well these days

when you asked me, i couldn't tell you

what's been keeping me awake


it's you i want

it's you i want


tired of the war tonight

there will be no messenger

no signs, no flashing lights

just you.




i still expect for you 

to tell me which way i should go

i'm still afraid of everything i think i should know by now


take off your rose-colored lenses

deal with the consequences

nothing is ever what it seems

the more i see, the less i know

the further i travel, the further to go

the further to go


i keep waiting for permission

to say how i feel 

tell me under what conditions

can't i say what's real




you bring the rain

i'm just fine, til someone says your name

see them big black clouds on the horizon

and that water line starts rising


you, you're the rainmaker

you, you're a heartbreaker

i'm soaked to the bone

all i got is whiskey 

killing off the cold

all those girls do

what you tell them to

everybody rains for you




it's heartbreak, 

making the same mistakes

as you did before

you said no more

but nothing has changed

it's a strange scene

when truth ain't a good thing

when it's love that brings somebody pain


it's a long way down

when you come around

you take me high

you take me low

when you go, 

i know it's gonna be a long way down


and sometimes 

a little red wine

helps get me through 

thoughts of you i'd rather leave behind




wrote you a letter

but i kept it in my pocket

for 15 years or more

i broke your heart in two

i never wanted to

it's all that i can do sometimes


i'm walking the world with a noose around my neck

i'm playing my cards with no ace left in the deck

i'm walking the world

i'm walking the world

i'm walking the world alone


i dreamed the strangest things

when i tried to be honest

i dreamt a man had died

from a sword in his side

he rose and learned to walk again




when the sun has set o'er the last crest

and you see the trees' silhouettes in the far west

meet me under the old stone bridge

where we promised once to go

no one will know


on a moonless night

the stars in the heavens will be our only light

we'll run blind

through the old black pines


bring a change of clothes

and your warm coat

when the storms in the north blow

it will grow cold

we will reach the river's mouth

before the land turns gold

no one will know




you used to look my way just a little too long

and i'd sing while you strung me alone

when you brushed my hand

or stood just a little too close

oh you can't pretend that you just didn't know


cause we both know that's a lie

oh don't even try to hide

cause we both know, we both know

that's a lie


if i told you with the truth in my eyes

that i'd fallen for you

would you be surprised

or would you say you never knew?

oh you can't get away with saying that you miss me

and all those times that you nearly kissed me

you can't say, can't say you didn't know




grandmother hannah,

my mother said you prayed for me

did those prayers search the whole earth

the whole earth for me?

to cling to me, when i came to be?

to cline to me, when i came to be?


straightened your spirit with the bend of your back

and knelt down

down in the dust and light and humility

to whisper prayers into the gaps in the wooden floors

to whisper prayers into the gaps in the wooden floors


your eyes covered by your hands

strands of your dark hair glowing in the light

all your pleading and your covering

your words rising 

like the smoke of burnt offerings

like the smoke of burnt offerings


someday i'm gonna rise up

leave this body behind

someday i'm gonna rise up

spread my wings and fly




there's an angel on my bedroom windowsill

she don't fly but she still sings

she says her eyes are tired

from the weight of heavy things that she has seen


with a heart like the red west

fading slowly into the darkness

don't close your eyes


there's a see-through man

with a sign that says 'spare change'

you see his shoes are worn 

from the weight of indifference on his head

he don't cry but it still stings