My brand new album Echoes (May 2016) is out now on Noisetrade and Bandcamp. Noisetrade is free - in exchange for your email, you get the digital download. You can also leave a tip, if you'd like. If you'd like an actual CD mailed to you, send $15 to Paypal (, including your address. This price includes shipping.

If you're interested in booking me, please drop me a line at:

As of May 2016, I am on formal hiatus until September 2016. I will not be booking shows during this time, as I'm currently 7.5 months pregnant! Our little girl arrives in July, and I'll be taking my time with recovery and settling into a new life. 

As always, thanks for listening.

Album Credits: Produced by Kevin Veatch. All songs written by Kate Lynne Logan. "Roosey Roads" and "Every Season Together" written by Kate Lynne Logan and Kevin Veatch. Violin performed by Natalie Vandeven. Acoustic guitar on "River and the Rain" by Todd Lombardo.