Out of the wheat fields of central Washington, a singer-songwriter sprouted. I grew up in Waterville, Washington, about 20 miles east of Wenatchee. It was an idyllic childhood, filled with baseball, kick the can, late night bike rides, and catching blue and red-winged grasshoppers in mason jars.

I learned to sing in church, and had my first band at 15, with 3 boys from my high school. Our first gig was in 1999 at The Nifty Theater, a 1918 vaudeville theater that was restored in 1997. We performed an original song that started with a spoken-word poem…it was pure gold, as you can imagine. I later went on to perform at a Christmas pageant in that same space, and decided to sing a capella, for reasons uknown. This remains my biggest mistake in music performance to date.

I left the church in 2010, after coming out as queer. And after having seen Brandi Carlile for the first time. She completely changed my life. I had been a worship leader. So it was a shocking departure for everyone, including me. Although I very rarely use gendered pronouns, a lot of my songs are about women. Turns out, repressed feelings make for good songs. Who knew? (Maybe every songwriter on the planet.)

So, anyway. I’ve since released a lot of music. In chronological order: Love You Still EP (Jan., 2011), Chrysalis (Aug., 2011), Awakening (Aug., 2012), Back Bar Angel (side-project EP, March, 2014), Animal Dreams, (May 2014), Echoes (June, 2016), Sleeping Giants (June 2018), Northern Sky (May, 2019).

Northern Sky is my first attempt at playing a production role since I started recording. It’s 4 brand new songs, and I can’t wait to share them with you. Please check back, soon! Official release date is May 4 , 2019.